TEEA Club Members

Any individual may belong to an Extension Education club. Any individual may belong to more than one Extension Education club, but there can only be one county Extension Education Association. Membership is open to all regardless of socioeconomic levels, race, color, sex, religion, disabilities, or national origin. Individuals may join anytime during the year. Three or more members may constitute a club. Membership starts each year on October 1 and ends the following September 3.

Member Benefits

Training on important topics for families and communities. Educating others about practical information for families and communities. Receive 3 issues of The TEEA Messenger annually. Volunteering for community service. Leadership opportunities. Eligible for TEEA State awards and recognitions and scholarships for which they qualify. Eligible to compete in the Cultural Arts Exhibit at the county, district, and state levels. Eligible to purchase a special TEEA member-only name badge. Special TEEA member registration fee for district and state meetings. Have a part in providing twelve 4-H Scholarships annually of $1000 each when budget permits. Have a part in providing two Adult Career Scholarships. Have a part in supporting 4-H work on the club, county, district and state levels. Emeritus Membership may be conferred upon a member who has been a TEEA member for 20 years or more if that member can no longer actively contribute to the club due to permanent, serious mental or physical disability. The title Emeritus may be granted by the Executive Board of a club. No state dues are paid, but the Messenger may be purchased for a nominal fee. Emeritus members are added to the member list at the end of regular members.


If you would like more information or would like to join Jackson County TEEA, please call 361-782-3312 or email




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